Does My Child
Need Therapy?

Deciding if your child needs therapy starts with understanding their unique needs and challenges; if you have concerns regarding your child’s development or notice significant struggles in school, with peers, or with navigating daily challenges, it might be time to explore therapy as a supportive path forward.

To help you navigate this important question, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist. Our checklist is designed to assist you in assessing whether your child might benefit from professional therapy. It covers a range of emotional, behavioral, and developmental indicators that could indicate the need for therapeutic support.


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Understanding your Child's
Well-Being and Development

By using the checklist, you’ll gain insights into your child’s well-being and be better equipped to make informed decisions about their development. Remember, seeking help when needed is a proactive step towards supporting your child’s overall growth and happiness. Below are just a few of the indicators you’ll find in our checklist that will help you determine if your child may benefit from therapy.

Occupational Therapy

  • Is sensitive to sounds, textures, or movement
  • Has difficulty with self-help skills
  • Has trouble with motor skills
  • Demonstrates delayed play skills

Feeding Therapy

  • Demonstrates significant picky eating
  • Has difficulty with breast or bottle feeding
  • Is not eating enough or has trouble with weight gain
  • Never seems hungry or interested in food/eating

Speech-Language Therapy

  • Can only be understood by (certain) family members
  • Isn’t imitating actions or sounds
  • Has trouble producing certain sounds
  • Is a “late talker”

Oral Myofunctional Therapy

  • Utilizes open mouth chewing or difficulty chewing
  • Has consistent mouth breathing or open mouth posture
  • Demonstrates picky eating 
  • Loud/audible breathing

How Do I Know If My Child
Could Benefit from Therapy?

It’s very common for parents to have questions or concerns about their child’s development and to be advised by well-meaning friends, family, or professionals to “wait and see.” However, if you have concerns, it’s important to contact an expert for an evaluation as soon as possible. Early intervention is crucial, as progress is almost always faster and smoother the earlier a child receives intervention.

Our Mission at Madden Therapy

“My goal is to provide compassionate, caring, evidence-based therapy in a safe and natural environment resulting in optimal outcomes. I understand that every patient and family is different, and strongly believe that a “cookie cutter” approach may not be effective in many cases. I focus on creating a strong bond and rapport with every family so that I can serve their specific needs and goals appropriately, creatively, and efficiently.”

– Kristina Madden, Owner and Founder of Madden Therapy Solutions


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